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Current & Past Projects

Property Flipping

Here is a list of some recent projects as well as some before and after pictures.

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Property Flip

Project 19


This flip was originally intended to be a flip to rent. Then decided to flip to sell. Finally ended in a flip to sell with a long term rental contract. So a cross bread BRRRRish method.

Project 18


This project was originally meant to be a flip to refi to move into. Turned into an Airbnb/Short Term Rentl. Then a sale. Pretty difficult flip overall but profitable.

Property Flip
Property Flip

Project 17


One of our biggest challenges. This property was meant to be flip to sell. But became an Airbnb/Short Term rental for a short time and then sold.

Project 16


This project was a light rehab off a FSBO property that was converted to an Airbnb. Typical BRRRR method. Ended up being sold after about a year of service.

Property Flip
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