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Before & After & Hiccups - "The Million Dollar Flip" Huntington Beach Partner Flip 28

Flipping homes in California is no different than anywhere else, except that you typically have to add an extra 0 or two to the end of the sales price. And when your partner flipping like we do it becomes even tighter on the wallet and more stressful when anything doesn't go to plan. That is why our Huntington Beach partner flip is one of our best and worst partner flips ever.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of went right and what went less than perfect lets take a look at the transformation of the living room.

As you can see we transformed the place pretty well. We swapped out the carpet for wood grain looking ceramic tile. We also removed the wall paper, tape-floated-textured the walls, and accented with smoky white walls and charcoal beams. You will also notice that we put in a mini split unit. This was primarily because the add on did not have an attic and we wanted to preserves the vaulted ceilings and styling by not putting in a bunch of ducting and framing.

The kitchen was a big piece as well. As you can see it was completely out dated and the lovely blue carpet is edging its way into the kitchen. You may also notice that arrow in the flooring. We are unsure why but there were several personal touches by previous owner of arrows in the deco including two wall cutout/pass throughs as well.

Now this is where things begin to get interesting. Although the new kitchen appears to be amazing. We began to have our struggles here. For one you can see the large gap of no cabinets under the window. There was a definite disagreement on whether the window should be raised or a custom cabinet should go in. I felt that the risk of raising the window and the exterior damage that would need to be repaired or possible breakage of the window were too much risk. I also though that we could just put a wine rack or something if we needed too. But we went so far over budget, mainly because the home turned out to be 300 square feet bigger than expected, that there want enough money to do anything by the time it ended.

You may also notice the island seems a bit small. Normally you would not want to eat that close to the cooking but the third party kitchen design team screwed this one up. Typically a normal consumer would have argued or even sued to get it fixed. But we do not have time for that and we got a good price so we let it go.

The crew went a little crazy with recessed lighting, it looked great but I don't thing the cost was being watched a tightly as it should have been. We could have probably made due with ceiling fans in the rooms.

I made a mistake on exterior paint. I picked a blue that matched the cabinets. Boy that was a big mistake, it looked like a giant smurf.

Then when it came to finishing the shower we had to redo it because the crew accidentally made it too thin. It looked much better once expanded but then the cost of the shower glass was ridiculous. We had to wait till right before closing to get that done.

Finally one of the biggest issues is termites. I don't know how or why we thought they could be taken care of with a few cans of pest control. We ended up having to tent the entire home at the end, as well as the new owner ended up needing a new roof.

But as you can see by the gallery below we did pretty good. Yes we went way over budget but we did flip the home in about 5 months from beginning to end and it was a million dollar flip.

If you are interested in partner flipping or just flipping in general, please feel free tor each out to us by phone, text or email anytime. Dante Miller 361-688-3663,,

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